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The Food


Cloudy Bay Clams is the pioneer in the industry of harvesting surf clams along the coast of New Zealand.

Surf clams are a native shellfish to New Zealand’s pristine coastal waters. They exist in the turbulent surf zone, rich in food, up to 10 metres under the sea bed. This environment ensures the shellfish develop an outstanding quality and taste profile. The clams' boutique flavours are versatile and highly valued within the hospitality industry.

Cloudy Bay has successfully undergone both their fishery and chain of custody audits and now carry ‘Friend of the Sea’, an international sustainability seal of approval, for our surf clams.


Kaipara Kumara supports growers in New Zealand's Northland region with product development, growing, storage, packing and marketing assistance and distribution arrangements throughout New Zealand.

The Kaipara Kumara office and packhouse is situated in Ruawai, a small rural community next to the Kaipara Harbour, about 160kms north of Auckland, New Zealand.

The flat alluvial plains, the soil structure and warm sub-tropical weather conditions unique to the region are ideally suited to growing high quality red, orange and gold kumara (known outside New Zealand as sweet potatoes).

These are a sample of our suppliers for 'The Creation Dinner'


Yellow Brick Road was established in 2006 to ensure the phenomenally hard work invested in responsible farming and fishing was rewarded with products maintaining their integrity through to the country's leading restaurants. To ensure that the global messaging around New Zealand being a world class producer of beverages rang true.


Honest Chocolat products are made in small batches by our chocolatier Nico Bonnaud and the team in Matakana Village. They focus on honest flavours and honest ingredients to make some of the best chocolates you will have ever tasted. Using organic, sustainably sourced, single origin chocolate and no artificial flavourings, preservatives or palm oil.  Honest Chocolat products include luxury gift boxes containing fine water ganache bonbons, through to elegant chocolate tablets and moreish chocolate coated nuts. 


Heilala Vanilla began as an aid project after a cyclone 

A vanilla plantation was established by a New Zealand family, in partnership with a local family from the village of Utungake in Vava’u, Kingdom of Tonga.

In 2005 the first crop was harvested and snapped up by local chefs. Since these small beginnings and a first harvest of 45kg of dried vanilla beans, Heilala has partnered with growers throughout Tonga celebrating  their 10th harvest of vanilla beans in 2015. This has had a significant impact on the Tongan economy providing employment and infrastructure across a number of communities.

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